Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sacred Moutain Everest Christine Taylor-Butler

Sacred Mountain Everest by Christine Taylor-Butler Many books, fiction and non fiction have been written on those who have climbed Everest but few on the people who call it home This book is fact filled from the first page. Beginning with the religion of Sherpa's (Buddhist), give a straight forward approach to their way of life, beliefs and customs. The photographs are wonderful. (I always thought I knew what a yak looked like. They are so much bigger) The photographs range anywhere from big, bright and bold or calm and sincere. The photographs, timelines, maps, and side facts in color give this book a lot of visual appeal. Butler gives a great overall history of Mt. Everest, including how it was formed and the challenges the first climbers faced. This is a wonderful book about the Sherpa people and Everest, their sacred mountain. I highly recommand Sacred Moutain Everest. It would work nicely with Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea Young Readers Edition (My review) Ages 6up
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Anonymous said...

You're so right - the people who lived there are usually dismissed as "sherpas" - sort of on a par with yaks. This sounds very good. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Charlotte said...

Hi Doret--this sounds like a good one! Thanks.