Saturday, July 11, 2009

Madcat Kathy Mackel

Madcat by Kathy Mackel 12yr old MadCat (given name Madelyn Catherine Campione), is the catcher for the Sting. The team is pretty good, this year they are going national. Its no longer about just having fun but winning and getting to the Softball Wordseries. Several sting players have been cut to make room for better players. I really enjoyed Madcat. Mackel gives the reader a good sense of the pressure top tier players and teams face. Madcat is a wonderful character, her voice is strong and believable. Though she is one of the best catchers, she dreams of getting some of the glory and pitching in the circle. The action on the field is described very well. Mackel takes the time to developed several secondary characters. Jess, Madcat's best friend and pitcher. She is determined to stay the number one pitcher. Blair, the new ace pitcher. She quiet, shy and naturally gifted. Mugger, though cut from the team she doesn't give up softball. Ivy, another catcher though competing for the same position, Madcat and Ivy become friends. One of the strengths of this book is Madcat's voice and her relationships with her teammates. Ages 10up

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