Monday, February 9, 2009

Push Sapphire Sundance

Push: A Novel by Sapphire If you're unfamiliar with the novel Push. Its about a teenage girl Precious Jones who is being physically, emotionally , and sexually abused by her parents. Its an ugly story that the author tells with so much truth. Some think Push is not appropriate for teenagers but I think Sapphire is telling the story of many teens through Precious Jones. Push is similar to Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess but only much more intense. The Push movie is at Sundance and its getting some great reviews and some nice support

Oprah and Tyler Perry on board

Enjoy the clip. I almost didn't recognize Mariah Carey. Warning there is language.


susan said...

I read this last year. I have two copies for our library. I have it in the urban black lit section. I could have put it in our high school section but at the time, I only had one copy. The novel is very graphic.

I was surprised to learn later that it was recommended to students by teachers not because I think it's inappropriate but I was sure censors and others would throw a fit (that's one reason why I had it in urban lit instead of our high school section.

This work would not shock my girls. In fact, many of them have either been abused or most certainly know a girl who has been. My first summer I ran the library, I got so many veiled and not so veiled requests for books dealing with rape that I bought several books dealing with rape, abuse and molestation for our YA section (now high school). I put books where I think girls will. I knew a lot of girls would relate to Push.

I'm looking forward to seeing the film but in my mind, reading the book is much more visceral because if you've been abused, you are taken back to the memories in a very intimate way while reading.

I am encouraged that so many adults have been willing to share this with teens. We need to shed our own denial and deal with the reality of molestation and incest. It is more common than most want to acknowledge and even fewer want to deal with.

Thanks for the post.

Doret said...

I really hope Push makes it to the big screen but even if it doesn't at least more people will be aware of the book. Susan, does Push get checked out a lot?