Friday, February 6, 2009

In Mike We Trust P.E. Ryan

In Mike We Trust by 15yr old Garth is still dealing will the loss of his dad, when his Uncle Mike, his dad's twin comes for a visit. Its been a year and a half since Garth dad died in a sailing accident. His mom had to sell the house, and the two moved into a small apartment. Garth relationship with his mother is strained, after Garth tells her he is gay, and her response is to put the conversation on hold. To keep his mom happy Garth promises not to tell anyone. Only other person who knows is Lisa, his best friend. Garth's mom non acceptance makes him easy pray for his smooth talking uncle. Mike is a scam artist moving from state to state making up fake charities. When Garth comes out to his uncle Mike, he is perfectly fine with Garth being gay. Garth craves and needs this adult acceptance. Mike uses this as a way to get Garth to help with different scams over the summer, even convincing him to wear old Halloween costumes. Garth bad judgement to tell lies didn't begin with his uncle but when his mom forced him to keep his sexual preference a secret. Some of the best parts of the book are when Garth watches movies with Adam, a new friend/possibly more They watch a Beautiful Thing, and Chinatown on separate occasions. Their conversations are well developed, the author doesn't push for an instant connection. In Mike we Trust is well told. Garth is a very likeable character. Though I wished he stopped believing in Mike sooner then he did.

Schedule release date is 2/17

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