Friday, February 27, 2009

The Hat That Wore Clara B. Melanie Turner-Denstaedt Frank Morrison

The Hat That Wore Clara B. by Melanie Turner-Denstaedt, illustrated by Frank Morrison. Its the third Sunday of the Month, Mother's Sunday, a tradition in some Black Baptist churches, when all the older ladies sit up front wearing their stylish hats. Clara B. is always excited about Mother's Sunday she dreams of wearing her Grandma's special hat. Clara B sits right behind her Grandma in church following the movements of the hat. Today Clara B. got all the moves just right, she takes this as a sign that today is the day to wear the hat. She spends the rest of the day by her Grandma's side waiting for her opportunity to wear the hat. I am a huge fan of Frank Morrison's artwork. All of Clara B's emotions are expressed in her eyes. Morrison has illustrated a beautiful contemporary and fashionable black family. The Sunday hats are gorgeous, and he doesn't slack on the other accessories or clothes. There is a lot of detail, which adults should appreciate. When reading this or the ninth or tenth time, there will be something knew to admire, like Clara B's mom earrings or her dads suit. When I saw Morrison was the illustrator my only question was would the author be able to match his bold, beautiful and bright images. Turner -Denstadet does just that and then some. The story has a beautiful flow, suspense (when and how will Clara B get her hands on the hat), mishap and resolution ( Clara B accidentally steps on the hat) The ending is beautiful, it will make you sigh and say awwwwwww how cute. I loved The Hat That Wore Clara B.
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"Drying while Grandma washed, Clara B. peeked at her Grandma from the corner of her eye. Did Grandma know the Clara B. was going to be worn by the hat? She frowned at the dishes in the sink. She ought to be worn by the hat! She'd done all her Sunday moves perfectly swaying when the hat swayed, nodding when the hat nodded, tipping way back when the hat tipped back. Finally, all the dishes were clean and Clara B. stepped away from the sink. "

The Hat That Wore Clara B. is scheduled to be released on March 31

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Mary Ann Scheuer said...

great review - so descriptive! It sounds like a wonderful book. Thank you for sharing it!