Monday, February 2, 2009

Keeping Score Linda Sue Park

Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park- This is one of those books I should have already read. (3 clues I missed) I remember when it first came it to the store last year, I was always looking at it and picking it up. The first clue but I didn't pay attention. The second clue the infamous 1951 Dodgers and Giants pennant race is part of the early chapters. The third clue was in the jacket flap, the author and I root for the same baseball team. I've learned my lesson, if I keep wondering back to the same book I will read the first page. Though I am very happy I picked this up when I did, Keeping Score got me out of my book slump. The two books previous I couldn't finish.
The novel begins in 1951, 9yr old Maggie loves baseball and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Maggie hangs out at the fire station, listening to the Dodger games on the radio. One day Maggie goes to the firehouse there's a new fireman, Jim. He's a Giants fan but Maggie doesn't hold that against him. Jim teachers Maggie how to keep score. Maggie loves it, its opens up a new new world of baseball. As quickly as Jim arrived, he must leave, drafted into the Korean war. The two write letters. Jim's letters stop coming but Maggie keeps writing him. Maggie's father finally tells her Jim was injured and leaving with his sister, that's why his letters stopped. I loved Maggie and believed in her from the very beginning. Park's writing is beautiful and smooth. The novel spans four years, seasons change and world series are won. Baseball fans will love Keeping Score. Yes its about much more, including unstanding the Koren War but to get the rest you must enjoy baseball. Baseball is nothing without its history and Park gives us a lot of history. From Maggie listening to the games on the radio, to Willie Mays being drafted. If your a parent who shares the love of baseball with a child I highly recommend reading Keeping Score together. Ages 10 up.
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susan said...

Sounds like something to add to our wish list. I'm not a baseball fan, but I've read a few sports themed stories now to do as you say, pay attention. Thanks for the review.