Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Kayla Chronicles Sherri Winston

The Kayla Chronicles by Sherri Winston Kayla is a young feminist who dreams of becoming a journalist. In middle school Kayla created the Speak club (Sisters Providing Encouragement And Kindness) Now its the summer before high school and Rosalie's, the best friend convinces Kayla to try out for the Lady Lions, the schools dance team. Rosalie is convinced the Lady Lions are prejudiced against flat chested girls. Once Kayla is rejected, the girls of Speak can take down the Lady Lions. Kayla is uneasy with the plan from the beginning but she goes through with it because Rosalie is a bully of a best friend. Kayla is very conflicted she loves who she is but she is also ready for a change. When Kayla joins the dance team, the members help her redefine what's feminism. Winston's created a nice character in 14yr old Kayla. A lot of girls will relate Kayla's struggle to figure out who she is, and wanting to begin anew in high school. Also Kayla's relationship with her best friend seems to be falling apart. I really enjoyed The Kayla Chronicles. The book includes some nice quotes from famous women, and its end goal is to bring girls together. There is a nice part towards the end when Kayla questions Rosalie why she wanted to take down the Lady Lions.
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"Rosalie, did you ever ask yourself, of all the make a name for ourselves projects we could have done to launch Speak why the first thing on our agenda was to take down the most poweful group of girls at the school?"

The book is worth reading for that question alone. The Kayla Chronicles would make an excellent book club read for girls. Ages 10 up. The paperback will be released Mar. 1


Color Online said...

I saw this on your shelf and added it to our wish list last week. After reading your review, I might not wait for a donor but purchase it myself. We don't have any funding so when I buy for us, I'm really sold on the product. Thanks for the review.

Doret said...

your welcome, I actually checked out the hardcover from the library.

MissA said...

I just reviewed this book. I loved it!