Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hurry Up and Slow Down Layn Marlow

Hurry Up and Slow Down by Layn Marlow I was leaving the stock room when I saw this picture and I had to go back. At first glance I love the fall colors and the openess of the cover. And yes we've seen the Tortoise and the Hare paired before but this time there is no race. The two are friends, Hare is always in a hurry, rushing Tortoise to go faster, who goes so slow a slug rides on his back. It isn't until the end of the day, storytime that the Hare wants to slow down . The beginning and the middle of this book are great but the end made me love the whole. Tortoise simply wants to drink his chamomile tea and unwind.The Hare begs for a story

Can we have a story?
Oh Please, Please, Please?
You're so good at reading Tortoise.

Tortoise gives in and Hare uses a leaf as a blanket. In the corner Tortoise's large mug of tea goes cold. The best thing about the mug, the chip in the corner. Marlow's sticks to the color platform on the cover. I love the text, its a nice size and up beat . The text and colors make this book a great choice for a read aloud and young listeners. 3up.
See inside the book

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