Monday, February 2, 2009

Project Sweet Life Brent Hartinger

Project Sweet Life by Brent Hartinger- This book was so much fun. 15yr old Dave and his two best friends Victor and Curtis plan to enjoy their last summer of freedom before working becomes mandatory. However their dads tell them they must get jobs. The three friends pretend to get summer jobs and spend the entire summer trying to great rich quick. "Project Sweet Life" They try many schemes, though none work out its a lot of fun to watch. Project Sweet Life was sneak up on me good, it kept getting better. It works so well because its easy to believe in Dave, Victor and Curtis friendship. They're regular teenagers trying to get out work to enjoy the summer. All three have quirks but Victors is my favorite. His family's old school Catholic, so he always making up new saints, whenever the three get into a jam. One I really enjoyed "Holy Saint Lysol, Our Lady of Kitchen Grease" Some how in this fun and light read Hartinger finds a way to include a little Tacoma, Washington history, without it seeming forced. When the Chinese were forced out of Tacoma in 1885. I highly recommand Project Sweet Life. Ages 10 up

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