Friday, February 6, 2009

An Environemtal Guide from A to Z Tim Magner

An Environmental Guide from A to Z by Tim Magner - This book is published by a small publishing house Green Sugar Press Their goal is to educate children about nature. This book is informative and enjoyable at the same time. Each definition is well researched. There are Did you knows? and questions inside of leaves, to encourage discussion. Magner is teaching not scaring. The author simply wants readers to be better informed so they can make smarter decisions. I love the fact that the author includes men who dared to care about the environment before it was the thing to do. Vincent-Barwood's illustrations blend easily with the text.
Three things I learned
1. Jacques Cousteau invented scuba gear.
2. I'll share a Did you know? "With solar panels, Germany has nearly cut their use of coal in half. China installed 40,000,000 rooftop solar water heaters. Denmark gets more than 20% of its electrical power from wind farms."
3. Plankton is the floating food of the sea, not just a charcter on Spongebob Squarepants.
For those wondering I'll tell you what X,Y, and Z are ,
X is for Xeriscape
Z is for Zoo, and yes zoo isn't has good has the other two.
So I'll throw in Q for free Q is for vo Quy
An Environmental Guide will be a great addition to any library. Ages 6 up

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Mary Ann Scheuer said...

This sounds great. Your review makes me want to search it out! Thanks for including the age ranges :-) Mary Ann