Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rogelia's House of Magic Jamie Martinez Wood

Rogelia's House of Magic by Jamie Martinez Wood 15 yr old Marina and Fern have been best friends since second grade. Marina's mom has taught her daughter to only cherish her Spainish roots and dismiss her Mexican Heritage. Marina's is embrassed she can't speak spanish. Fern's loves nature and is involved in a cause to preserve the land . Fern love the barrio she live in, the same one Marina's mom looks down upon. While picking up an astrological chart for her mom, Marina and Fern also get a spell book for teens. After, casting a spell, Fern has the ability to see peoples aura's and Marina can hear voices. Best Friends Marina and Fern, make quickly make room for Xochitl (So-chee), who has just moved from Mexico to California. Xochitl is trying to cope with the recent death of her twin sister, Graciela. Xochitl's grandmother Rogelia respects and pratices magic that is influenced by the old ways and incorporates nature. In Mexico, Xochitl was her grandmother's student. She has the ability to make herself invisible. In California Rogelia is the new maid in Marina's house.
When Marina and Fern find out Rogelia is a curandera (a folk healer) they want her to mentor them in magic. Rogelia agrees, if Xochitl agrees to return to her studies. She does and the magic lessons begin.

I really enjoyed Rogelia's House of Magic. Wood's has created three very different and believable characters in Marina, Fern and Xochitl. I enjoyed their friendship. I do think Marina and Fern accepted Xochitl a little too easily. Though sometimes people just click. The chapters alternate beween the friends smoothly, with the author avoiding unnecessary information. I loved that Wood's doesn't favor one friend over the other. They get equal time are their stories to unfold. The three friends learn how to trust, each other, themselves and the magic. The characters in Rogelia's House of Magic are 15 but like many of Meg Cabot's young adult novels its perfect for reader's 11up.

Check out the book trailer. I think the song is a perfect fit.

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MissA said...

I would want a sequel. And I so agree with you about Fern and the auras. She was my favorite but she should have just asked Rogelia about the gray auras! She wasted so much time.