Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girls Got Game III

I just had the pleasure of being interviewed by author Justine Larbalestier about girls and sports books. Check it out People may be coming over from Larbalestier's blog, so I figured now was a good time to do Girls Got Game III, to round up my reading kick of girls playing sports. I promise there will not be a Girls Got Game IV, I won't do like the SAW movie series.

Where it all began Girls Got Game, I link to old sports reviews prekick and list a few to be reviewed.

It continues with Girls Got Game II again I read and reviewed all the books mentioned here. There obliviously should have been another post because I never did a round up. So here it is now.

Tackling Dad by Elizabeth Levy, my review I enjoyed this one a lot. This was a fun middle grade book about a girl who joins the football time. I loved that all her friends played sports and one girl even joins the team with her.

The Necessary Hunger by Nina Revoyr, my review I loved this one, do check out the google preview.

The Ring by Bobbie Pyron, my interview + review , I really enjoyed this one, do check out the interview

Twenty Miles by Cera Hedley, my review I really enjoyed this one, do check out the google preview.

Soccer Chick Rules by Dawn FitzGerald, my review This book was so much fun to read in a Meg Cabot sort of way, which to me is a very good thing.

I Wanna Be Your Shoebox by Christina Garcia, my review. I loved this book, the MC was many things including a surfer.


Apryl DeLancey said...

Nice! Loved the interview

Doret said...

Thank you Apryl

Barrie said...

You got interviewed by Justine Larbalestier!! I must check this out! AND thank you so much for stopping by my blog with your compliment!

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