Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CORA Diversity Roll Call

CORA Diversity Roll Call is being hosted by Susan @ Color Online this week. Its all about short stories.

"Give us a list of your favorite short story titles. Do a profile of a short story author. What were your favorite short story reads this year?"

I've read two short story collection this year which I loved.

No Such Thing as the Real World by Six best selling authors - When I reviewed the book I highlighted two of the stories. Beth Kephart's "The Longest Distance" which is so amazing and still my favorite . Also Chris Lynch which reminded me of Zusak's "I Am The Messenger" if you've read that novel you know its a high compliment. I debated over whether or not I should highlight Jacqueline Woodson's "The Company" and K.L Going's "Survival" because both authors sucked me right in.

Woodson's "The Company" Is about a Black gay male dancer in New York. The character and story Woodson's created are fully drawn and beautiful. I loved it.

Going's "Survival" is the story of two sisters, Rachael and Sarah. This story is so well put together, its short story clinic good. Some how the author establishes the dynamic of the sister's relationship from when they were seven, fits in the high school years and Rachael's graduation day all without missing a beat. I loved it and was truly invested in Rachael.

Tales of Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan - This is one of the best books I've read all year. It's beyond beautiful.

Two short story collections I read last year and loved

Up All Night by six best selling authors - This is a wonderful collection of stories.

David Levithan's The Vulnerable Hours and Patricia McCormick's Orange Alert could be used in a short story clinic right along with Going's Survival.

Voices in First Person edited by Lori Marie Carlson - A collection of 21 stories by Latino authors. Like poetry one of the great things about short stories the reader is allowed to choose. That's what I did with this wonderful collection.

This final collection I know about thanks to the Papertigers blog
The Holy Tortilla and a Pot of Beans by Carmen Tafolla Papertigers review
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Ali said...

Wow, great recommendations--I definitely need to check out those anthologies that I haven't heard of before but with authors I'm well familiar with.

Anonymous said...

I am the Messenger is one of my all time favorites. This must be good!

Kate Coombs said...

Isn't Tales of Outer Suburbia weirdly cool? It reminds me that, oh yeah, there are some wildly creative people in this business!