Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Real Spy's Guide To Becoming A Spy Peter Earnest Suzanne Harper

The Real Spy's Guide To Becoming A Spy by Peter Earnest with Suzanne Harper
Peter Earnest is former CIA and the founding executive director of the International Spy Museum, located in Washington D.C. This is a must read for any young reader who loves spy related things, be it novels, movies or kits. This book is for any young reader who has ever wonder what do spies do? or how do I become a spy?

Earnest, shares a story from his time in the CIA. From the preface

"A metal screw tumbled out of the microphone casing and onto my tuxedo shirt as I lay on my back securing the bug into a hidden compartment in the back of the antique wooden desk. I had excused myself from my host's small dinner party and secretly stolen into his office while supposedly on my way to the bathroom. Sweating profusely and aware that he was only a room away, I quickly finished and hurried back to the party. I wiped the perspiration off my face, and brushed the small pile of wood shavings that had fallen on my shirt into a little envelope and pocketed it. The bugging operation was done, but it was a close call!

If a young reader dreams of growing up to be James Bond, Earnest dashes their hopes on the first page. Though, the truth about spying is still pretty cool and interesting. Real spy stories are sprinkled throughout in bold black boxes that will grab the readers attention. There are two spy quizzes that will engage the reader. Spy terms are defined throughout the book in Spy Speak boxes. With the help of children's author Suzanne Harper, Earnest has written a page turning fact filled book about spying and its history. Ages 10up

A few novels that would pair nicely with The Real Spy's Guide To Becoming A Spy

NERDS by Michael Buckley. This is the first book of a great new series. my review

Young Bond #01: Silverfin: by Charlie Higson - There are a few references to James Bond. Higson's Young Bond series is action packed, fun and a great introduction to Bond

Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop by Jennifer Allison - This is the final book in the Gilda Joyce series. Normally I would suggest starting with book one, however this book works well as a stand alone. Its also a perfect compliment to The Real Spy's Guide To Becoming A Spy. In the Dead Drop, Gilda Joyce lands an intern post at the International Spy Museum. I love this series.

More Nonfiction books on spying courtesy of the International Spy Museum


Lenore Appelhans said...

Oooh! I'd also recommend Shannon Greenland's specialist series. Lots of spy fun!

Doret said...

Thanks Lenore, just looked up The Specialist and it does look like some serious spy fun.