Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lua Ya Bunches Lauren Myracle

Luv YA Bunches: Book One by Lauren Myracle I love this cover. Two unrequested MG arcs that showcase diversity on the inside and outside were dropped off at the bookstore from Amulet books. This and Michael Buckley's newly released Nerds. Both bestselling authors prove its not hard to incorporate a little diversity in books with several main characters.
Katie-Rose, Camilla, Yasaman and Violet all have flower names. This name connection doesn't come into play until later in the book. In the beginning the girls are getting ready to start the fifth grade. The chapters alternate between the girls starting with Katie Rose. With each chapter the personalities of each girl takes shape. I must admit I found Katie Rose a little annoying at first (not too much) but she did grow on me. Camilla is in with the It girls, Modessa and Quin but they mistreat her alot. Yasaman, simply wants to make friends this year and is a computer wiz. Violet is the new girl at school. Katie Rose and Yasaman are the first to become friends. They begin chatting on a myspace type site created by Yasaman. One of the things I loved about this book, the friendship of the four girls didn't just happen, it took time. Their road to friendship started on the first day, when Camilla lost her lucky bobble head turtle. Modessa frames Katie Rose. There were a few misunderstanding and hurt feelings but the girls work it out. Myracle does a wonderful job of developing each character. My favorite is Yasaman and Violet's story will touch many. Girls will easily be able to find themselves in one or all the characters. Fans of Myracle's birthday series beginning with Eleven will love Luv Ya Bunches.

Ages 10 up Luv Ya Bunches will be released on Oct 1


rhapsodyinbooks said...

That sounds good that it shows how the friendships developed over time. So many books with kids just have instant friendships and to my mind it can make you feel badly if that doesn't happen for you.

Anonymous said...

This looks like just the kind of thing MG girls like to read. I may have to go to a book store and pick this one up early!e

Doret said...

Its a really good book. The diversity of the characters makes it that much better