Thursday, September 10, 2009

Olu's Dream Shane W. Evans

Olu's Dream by Shane W. Evans Evan's has illustrated over twenty-five children's books. Though, Olu's Dream is the first time Evan's has done both the text and illustrations, my expectations were high. I was not disappointed, I loved Olu's Dream.
Olu doesn't want to go to sleep, and miss anything. Olu's dad tells him sleep is important and fun can be found there too. Once asleep Olu dreams. He goes on great adventures with Brindle his faithful teddy. They escape from monsters, ride a whale, fly a spaceship and win a very close car race. Evan's words are rhythmic, except for the last two pages no more than 3 lines per page. Making it an excellent read aloud. The illustrations are beautiful. Evans has drawn much personility into Olu. In Olu's face I see everything from happiness, joy and wonder. Fans of Evan's previous books will continue to appreciate and love his artistic style. Evan's text and illustrations enhance one another. See for yourself
I loved Olu's dream. It's a wonderful bedtime story. It's a great book for fathers and sons to share. Ages 3up

I couldn't find any other reviews of Olu's Dream but I found some wonderful interviews with Shane Evans
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James Preller said...

Years back, I was the ghostwriter on a book "by" Shaquille O'Neal, SHAQ AND THE BEANSTALK, and Shane Evans did the illustrations.

Shane and I never met, never spoke, never exchanged emails. But we have that "weird project" connection.

He's a big-time talent.