Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What's Funfetti Cake?

So I get home today to find another flier in my door. This time though its not for self defense ( thank God, since I totally sucked at that) It's dessert night tomorrow. There will be brownies, funfetti cake and ice cold milk. Can someone tell me what funfetti cake is? I did a search, all I got were directions on how to make it. Is ice cold milk really a selling point after the age of 8 I mean really. Milk straight up doesn't usually sit well with black folk including myself. So I will pass on the milk but I will be going tomorrow, because it's rent time again and a sista's pocket are low. Since it is the first of the month, and complex is giving out food, I'll probably seen more residents tomorrow. I am a little suspicious about why there is a dessert night but whatever I am still going. According to the flier there's going to be a dessert night "because it will be delicious" (at least they didn't write because we care ) Maybe I will bring some tea, with me.


Toni Campbell said...

Apparently grown-ass people drink milk, too. A customer came in today and while we were talking he said that he drank a glass of skim milk every morning. I must have had a crazy look on my face because he asked, "Is that wrong?". I couldn't stop myself and went into a diatribe about how cow's milk is supposed to bring calfs into adulthood and how we don't drink our mother's milk after infancy and how we are the only species that drank the milk of other species.... I think I scared him!

Doret said...

Thats funny. Why did you do that Toni? Let the man enjoy his milk.
Why were you caught with a crazy look on your face? What happened to your retail poker face?