Sunday, April 27, 2008

Seekers- Erin Hunter

Seekers by Erin Hunter

This is the new series by bestselling author Erin Hunter. I just did a search, two authors Cherith Baldry and Kate Cary are Erin Hunter. (I am probably the last one to know ) This is the first book I've read by Erin Hunter, a few pages in I could definitely see the appeal.

Seekers is the story of three different bear cubs. Kallik the polar bear, Lusa the black bear, and Toklo the grizzly bear. The author gives us just what the title states, the beginning of a quest. The writing will draw the reader in. I was able to quickly lose myself in the bears stories. The chapters switch back and forth, beginning with Kallik. The reader learns about the history and legend of each bear.

Kallik is traveling with her mother Nisa and brother Taggig. The ice is melting for the changing season. The polar bears must get to land.
Lusa is born and lives in captivity. In the beginning she is content with zoo life. Things begin to change including Lusa climbing to the top of the tallest tree and seeing more. Suddenly she feels restless and trapped. While reading I couldn't stop thinking about how or when Lusa would escape from the zoo. The anticipation of an escape, and the escape its self whether man or beast is always an exciting read.

Toklo is with his mom Oka and brother Tobi. They are searching for a good food source. The changing climate is affecting all the bears making survival more difficult. One way or another each of these bear cubs ends up alone. Erin Hunter's writing makes the reader care about what happens to the cubs. The story has action as well. The cubs hunt for prey and are faced with unfamiliar situations alone.

I now know why fans of the Warriors series are always so desperate for the next book. The ending is a serious cliffhanger. When I finished, was reminded of my Soap Opera watching days and it felt like Friday. I was like nooooo it can't end now its getting really good. I am glad I read Seekers and will definitely recommend it.
Release Date 5/27/08

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