Friday, April 18, 2008

So at work on Tuesday, I am at customer service requesting summer reading titles. I feel a customer come up behind me, though I don't turn around right away was hoping a coworker would come over to help them no such luck. So I face the man, and ask can I help you? He says no, I am just watching you? In my head I am thinking aw shit here we go this MF crazy. Now I am going to play a card I normally don't, I never feel the need to, and I've run across people who use it like a trump card, for this story I think its worth using. I am from NY so I have a lot of experience with creepy + crazy, plus I've been riding public transportation since way back when so I have no problem reading it. He seemed harmless enough like a new world order conspiracy type and not a what's your name so I can call the store looking for you everyday, stalker type. I have thankfully never run into the stalker type. Once I pegged him for a conspiracy guy I refused to give him a reaction. So I put on my creepy + crazy poker face (this includes a lot of one word mean sounding answers and closed off body language) and since I was at work I had on my retail poker face. If wearing faces was a game, on Tuesday I would've been at the championship table. So after I established that he was crazy I go back to ordering titles and he stands there staring at me, it felt like 10 seconds but it was probably only 5. I hate to be intimated or pushed around, so I held my ground, and went on working. He finally caught on I was just ignoring him, so he tries to draw me in with a question? How is the store doing in this economy? My response, we haven't closed yet. That's the one thing about when a creepy crazy person asks you a question at work, you can be as flippant as you want. After my answer he walks away, though comes back again but not for long.

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