Saturday, April 19, 2008

International Reading Association

The International Reading Association Conference will be held in Atlanta, GA this year, where I happen to live. So more than a few children's author will be in Atlanta between May 4- 8. If any one can persuade an author to stop by the bookstore where I work, it will be greatly appreciated it. What can I offer you, for being so kind? The joy of knowing you made a bookseller very happy. I am putting this out there in the blog universe, hoping for the best. If any librarians or teachers are in town for the conference and want to stop by, please do. I enjoy talking about children's literature with adults. (Warning I will try and sell you alot) I can't help myself, librarians and teachers come in and I want to show them all the good stuff, I don't get to show everyday. If there are any takers on this, send me an email.

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