Monday, April 28, 2008

I help Lisa, a Puller decide

Today I went back to our children's section and found a puller in action
( puller -a customer who pulls every book of slight interest off the shelf) The girl a 6th grader, had 3 stacks going with about ten books each,and more in her hand. For the sake of this story I'll give the puller a name, Lisa. In my head I was thinking WTF why the hell did you pull all of those books. I ask Lisa, if she is looking at all of them. Yes, her dad is going to help narrow it down. In my head I am thinking maybe her dad is Brad Pitt or has Brad Pitt money. Who knows maybe Lisa is on a book shopping spree. So I walk away hoping this is the case. I return to work, but a few seconds later I am back over by Lisa. She is still pulling books. I know I can't let this continue because I will be the one who must clean it up. So I ask Lisa where is her dad? The cafe, on his laptop. ( I guess he had too much work to do, to help his daughter, someone should read Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters) In my head I am thinking WTF how are you going to leave your daughter who is a puller alone. ( A parent knows when their child is a puller because they haven't taught them not to) I was tempted to go get Lisa's dad from the cafe but I didn't. I stopped myself because she wasn't a mean puller, and meant no harm. Lisa was a puller but she was also a 6th grade girl who liked to read and was indecisive with no one to help her. So I decided to help Lisa narrow down her choices.

Lisa is getting two books. In my head I am thinking WTF two books you pulled close to thirty books guess I won't be meeting Brad Pitt today. On the outside though I held my cool. I sat down on the carpet started putting away the Nancy Drew and Goosebumps books. (about 5 each) I explain very nicely that when choosing a book in a series, you only need to look at one. If you like the one you will probably enjoy the others. I then asked what type of reading mood was she in. Mystery. I tried to sell her on Gilda Joyce which was in her pile. Also I showed her Coraline (proof that I was nice, I pulled a book for a puller) Though she had already read it. I then suggested Skeleton Man since she liked Coraline but it did nothing for her. So I went back to saying Gilda Joyce is the way to go. I don't know if she got it but Gilda Joyce was in the final stack of five. In the end I am happy I decided to help Lisa. I hope she is at home now enjoying her books.

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