Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So I get home today, and I see a flier sticking out of my apartment door. Fliers in my door always make me groan. They are never good news, ever, its not always bad but its never good. My first thought is always did I remember to pay my rent. I've never forgotten but there's a first time for everything. I always feel better when my neighbors have the flier, it means I wasn't singled out. Though this one was far from good.

Self Defense Class

Eat Chips and dip

Meet Your Neighbors

Learn Self Defense Strategies

WTF Self Defense Class, that can't be good.
I don't think they will do me any good, my body is programmed to the flight mechanism. Though I think I will go, was going to gym anyway so I will be dressed to defend. I hope they have a man dressed up in one of those attacker suits.
I went to one of these meet and greets once just to see who would show. I was it me, the leasing and maintenance crew, very sad but there were name brand chips and dip. I hope they have a good cheese selection. Cheese cubes are tasty.

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