Friday, August 27, 2010

Libyrinth - Pearl North

Libyrinth by Pearl North
Haly lives in a world that populated by two people the Libyrarians, those or love and cherish books and the Eradicant those who hate and fear books. Haly lives in Libyrinth among the Libyrarians She's a clerk for Libyrarian Selene. There are many clerks though Haly is the only one who can hear the books.

Haly can also hear private messages she's asked to deliver. That's how she discovers the Eradicants plan to destroy the Libyrinth. Haly sets off to stop the Eradicants. She's accompanied by her best friend Clauda, a servant, Selene and an imp named Nod.

I really like the fact that Haly and her friends got started on their journey early in the book. Planning and built up is nice but sometimes just going is as good and effective. Plus a quick start got me this sooner

"Beyond the chind of the monster, she saw two human-sized coils of tentacle and a smaller third one lurching ever more more rapidly toward the mouth. She didn't have much time. Clutching the hatchet, she ran across the forehead, leaped over the left eye, and planted her feet on the cheek. She lifted the cleaver up and swung it down on the tongue. It felt like chopping through tough muscle, like the stag she'd helped Clauda butcher once. A metallic shriek pierced the silence of the night and Haly gripped the cleaver thighter, chopping at the monster's tongue until at last she severed it."

Soon after the beginning, chapters alternate between Haly and Clauda. This worked very well for me, since I cared about both characters. Throughout the novel, passages of many books reveal themselves to Haly. They always fits the current situation. I appreciate the time and effort the author took in finding right book quotes to use.

I really enjoyed the Libyrinth. It a wonderful and easy book to lose myself in. Halfway through it I realized I should've listen to my gut and read it sooner. Its always a pleasure to read a YA fantasy book that features a teen of color. Ages 12 up.

Now I am really looking forward to the sequel, The Boy from Ilysies, due out Nov. 9

read an excerpt from Libyrinth

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Charlotte said...

I agree--this ones a Good Read. And I'm awfully pleased the sequel is on its way too!