Friday, August 13, 2010

Fairy School Dropout Undercover Meredith Badger

Fairy School Dropout Undercover by Meredith Badger
This is the second book in the Fairy School Dropout series. I loved the first one Fairy School Dropout, my review. This is a wonderful follow up. Elly is finally getting her wish. She will be going to human school not fairy school. While Elly's parents are out of town, she will be staying with her next door neighbor and best friend Kara.

It takes Elly a few days to adjust to human school and her mistakes are very funny. Like wanting to stand on the desk to greet the teacher. After an incident in gym class, Elly realizes she is not the only fairy at the school.

Elly and Kara are going to try to figure out who the other fairy is. I loved that this book as a little bit of a mystery it. The two girls decide to go undercover at a fairy party. Before, this Kara's always avoided the girls who love pink and fairies. Kara loves science and has no interest in that stuff.

When the Elly and Kara get to the party, they realize its has nothing to do with fairies. The girls are into science and inventing as much as Kara. This part of the story was unexpected and really appreciated. There are so many early reader books that have to do with girls love of fairies. Its nice to see a little change of pace. Bonus points for the interest in science and electronics.

Readers will have to wait until the next book to find out if there's another fairy at the human school. There is no resolution at the end of the book. Since the first book wrapped up nicely the semi cliffhanger was unexpected. I do wish the ending wasn't left so open. Though overall Fairy School Dropout Undercover was very good. Elly and Kara have great friendship chemistry. There were a lot of laugh out loud moments ( those Aussie children's authors know how to work it in any age group) ages 7up

Read an excerpt Book one is available in paperback


yuan said...


Doret, you MUST MUST MUST rec me ANY fairy school titles you know of!! SRLY *__________*

In the mean time shall put this on to-read list. *________*

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

This sounds really cute. Thanks for sharing it!

Doret said...

Ah Yuan and Jill - this series is so much fun.

I've heard great things about Pike's Spell series

yuan said...

lol actually I wasn't the biggest fan of spells mostly because I spent the whole time thinking 'wtf is this love triangle WHY DON'T THEY TALK ABOUT FAIRY SCHOOL MORE'. I don't know why I kept on hoping that the 2nd book would have more school things since the 1st book was VERY MUCH about the love triangle, but the blurb kept on alluding to Harry Potter-esque shenanigans and basically expectations =/= reality. And it left me wishing for a story with pure fairy schooling awesome, which I have had no luck finding... Until now. *______*