Monday, August 2, 2010

Baseball Break

Check out this ESPN story about 13 yr old Chelesa Baker a little league pitcher. She hasn't lost a game in four years. Joe Niekro (who pitched in the majors) taught her to throw the knuckleball. It's a wonderful and inspiring story.

If you missed it check out the baseball feature I did with nine authors, especially if you are looking for some really good baseball books. One of the things I love about that line up is the gender balance. Seven out of the nine books have female characters who love the game of baseball, either as fans or players.


yuan said...

I love that vid you linked. Go Chelsea Baker Go!

I've been really getting into sports animanga stuff in the past year, and all your baseball book recs are on my to-read list as one of my things to do in branching out my new fondness for sports fiction genre into novelized form, lol. =D

Doret said...

Ah Yuan - Wasn't that great. That is some serious you go girl right there.