Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finding My Place Traci L. Jones

Finding My Place by Traci L. Jones
Set in 1975, Tiphanie and her parents are moving from Denver to Brent Hills a Colorado suburb. Tiphanie will be entering the ninth grade and she will be the only Black female student. No one speaks to Tiphanie the first few days, Jackie Sue is the first person to speak her. Tiphanie family moved because her father got a promotion at the bank. Tiphanie's mother works in real estate. Many of the students that attend Tiphanie's new school come from financially successful families. The students are afraid to speak to Tiphanie fearing what others may think. Jackie Sue as no such fears since she is considered an outcast for living in a trailer.

Slowly Tiphanie begins to adjust to her new school. Though now, Tiphanie worries about what her friends from the old neighborhood will think. Tiphanie is searching to find a balance between her two worlds. I really liked Tiphanie, she is a very well grounded thanks to her parents, who were active in the Civil Rights Movement. Tiphanie's and Jackie Sue become close friends fast. . There friendship is tested by Jackie Sue's secrets.

I really enjoyed Finding My Place. It was a quick, fun and entertaining read. Jones knows how to write a good story and great diagloue. As with her debut, "Standing Against the Wind", the story moves along with ease. ages 10 up.

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Mardel said...

This sounds wonderful. going over to read the excerpt.....Great excerpt. This is going on the ol' wish list!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I love that cover! And love the spelling of Tiphanie! (took me a minute to see what it was, but how cute!)

Doret said...

Mardel and Jill, is a great book to read in one sitting.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

I saw this book and considered picking it up, but didn't because I buy so many books without finishing the ones I already have.

I'll add this to the TBR pile.