Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dotty - Erica Perl, Julia Denos

Dotty by Erica Perl illus by Julia Denos
Dotty is one of those picture books that I couldn't help but want to read at first glance. When Ida goes to school, her imaginary friend Dotty goes with her.

"At morning meeting Ms. Raymond counted noses. Ten, eleven twelve. Ida frowned. She patted Dotty reassuringly. Thirteen, she silently added. "

In the beginning all of Ida's classmates have imaginary friends as well. Soon Dotty is the only one left. Ida is tease for still having Dotty. She even gets into a fight with a classmate. In the end Ida's teacher, Ms Raymond revelation makes Ida feel much better about still having Dotty.

Deno's colorful illustrations are a perfect match for Perl's wonderful text. Dotty is a great story that features a diverse cast of characters. Its one of my favorite picture books of the year. Ages 5 up

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