Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where's the Milk?

I saw a sign when leaving my complex, Dessert Night 6-8pm. I paid rent a few days ago, I wasn't missing this dessert night. I missed the last one to go to a book signing. Today I had a good lazy day off. Even did a little clothes shopping. When I was coming home my stomach hurt a little but that wasn't going to stop me, I was getting my free dessert. You may be thinking happynappy why you trippin over dessert. Its not the dessert, its the principality of the thing. (Hopefully everyone got that Friday's reference. If you haven't seen Friday, you should. Its a black cinema classic. Chris Tucker pre Rush Hour, very funny.) I just paid rent, so if someone is giving out ice cream cones and fresh baked cookies in the leasing office I am getting some. Apparently I am not the only one to feel this way, I've never seen so many tenants in leasing office before. I heard the there were a lot of people at the last dessert night as well. The people hosting seemed so nice. I was the the third one to take dessert and run. I did feel a little bit bad about that but not bad enough to stay. Though I only took two cookies to ease my guilt.
Where's the Milk or how I made my escape
I am eating my ice cream in the corner and praying the co host doesn't come over to talk. He seems like the type to engage strangers in conversations so they won't be all alone. Thankfully he doesn't. I am wondering how I can get cookies and get out before they start talking. Once they start talking I'd have to stay. The person who left before me was kind of rude to Mr Nice co host guy. I feel bad for him, but again not bad enough to stay or leave my email address. It was looking bad there for a moment, I thought I was going to have to leave with no cookies. Then I saw my chance. Mr. nice co host guy asked Miss nice co host lady, Where's the milk? It was in the fridge. As soon as he made his way to the fridge I grabbed the cookies and dipped. The cookies were good, they had a hint of coconut.

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