Monday, June 16, 2008

The Missing Girl Norma Fox Mazer

The Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazer. This is the story of five sisters Beauty, Mim, Stevie, Fancy and Autumn and the man who watches them. The Herbert girls are unaware of the man's attention. The telling of the story alternates between the sisters and the man. With short chapters Mazer gives life to each character. The Herbert sisters personalities are clearly evident. We know from the title that the man, eventually takes one of the girls. The answer to who, is in the story of girls and the man. As the story unfolds its easy to see which one the man has his eye one. There are times when they are so close, I wondered if the girls would finally notice the man. That's the beauty of a psychological thriller, knowing the victim is only a few steps away from a life changing encounter, it gets my readers heart pumping. The story The Missing Girl is a great page turner. I am never sure if my words are good enough to tempt anyone to read a book I've enjoyed. That's why I like use the authors words to help. I am finding this a little bit difficult to do with The Missing Girl. I love to share but I hate to spoil. All the passages I love reveal too much.
Except maybe this one,

He is looking for a pattern. Surely there's a pattern. He dislikes uncertainty, ambiguity. As the weeks go on he frets over their lack of system. Over the missing pattern. It perplexes him. Why not make up their minds, do one thing or the other, be consistent. He plays with the idea of speaking to them about it, but what would he say? Girls I've been watching you Young ladies, why do you keep shifting numbers on me Listen girls you're upsetting me with your constantly changing numbers.

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