Monday, June 30, 2008

A Meeting Place

Another skit

Hi, Books are Beautiful this is Tamika How can I help you today?

Book club member (BCM) Hi, My book club would like to have our next meeting in your book store. We meet the second Friday of every month.

Tamika- I am sorry, unfortunately, we don't host book clubs

BCM- Why not?

Tamika- Its not something we do.

BCM- Why not? We're a book club and you're a book store. It makes perfect sense

Tamika- Did you purchase your current book club selection from Books are Beautiful


Tamika- Well do you usually shop at Books are Beautiful?

BCM- No, I buy my books in bulk at Cosco. Though I do plan on getting a dessert with a glass of water on the side. I've heard great things about your cheesecake.

Tamika- A dessert?

BCM- With a glass of water on the side

Tamika- Well why didn't you say that before, that changes everything

BCM- Really

Tamika- No


Sarah Rettger said...

Doret, the local author one was good, but this exchange almost had me on the floor. I think you need to get a friend to help act this out and put it up on YouTube.

Doret said...

I'm glad you liked it. I plan to do more

Toni Campbell said...

...and make sure you turn down the music in the are where they are sitting so they can hear themselves cackle!