Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the Name of Like Book Suggestions Needed

I spoke to one of my nephews today. H.D. is in the fourth grade. We talked about all the important stuff. Like how good Iron Man was, what's on his IPOD, what books he wants and will I get him the third Wimpy Kid book. It was a nice conversation, towards the end H.D. sneaks in that he has a crush on someone in his class. I resisted the urge to say awww. I believed doing so garnered me more answers. The girl is a dancer like my nephew. They both won a dance competition but not together. My nephew is too shy to approach her. Plus he's already in the hole because of fourth grade rumors. I have no idea what they are. He didn't want to tell me and I didn't want to push. It doesn't really matter because the rumors are lies. My nephew is the quiet artistic type. For God's sake someone stole his scooter. A kid who gets their scooter stolen in fourth grade is not the type to do a girl wrong. H.D. said the girl doesn't like him because of the rumors. Also she has a protective mom and five sisters.
So I am trying to get my nephew out of the hole. If nothing else it will help his confidence . Since they both dance, I was thinking he could give the girl a book, where the main character is a dancer. A thoughtful, personalized gift with a card can always score a man, no matter how old, some points.
So I need some suggestions. I am having trouble finding books about or starring a dancer for middle school girls. I am open to non fiction as well. So if you have any suggestions please share. Leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks.

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