Friday, June 20, 2008

Fowl Language D.L. Garfinkle

Fowl Language (SuperNatural Rubber Chicken) by D.L. Garfinkle illus. by Ethan Long
This book came in about two weeks ago. It looked like the sort of fun and silly early chapter book I would enjoy. I just never got around to picking it up, but when I showed it to a regular and his face lit up, I knew it was time to read it.

Fowl Language is the first book in the SuperNatural Rubber Chicken series. The rubber chicken, a boy chicken named ED. The rubber chicken can grant wishes but not for its owners. The owners are the only ones who can hear the rubber chicken. Ten year old twins Nate and Lisa have just inherited Ed from their older brother Dave who is off to surf. Lisa gets to use Ed first. She decides to give her friend Ashley super charm so she won't be so shy. Fowl language wouldn't be as funny if everything want as planned. That's the great thing about Ed he delivers in his own special way. The mother is great background, she ignores her children and is obsessed with winning a Newbery. A dog has died in her last four novels. The mother's Newbery obsession is more for adults but I think kids will enjoy it as well, especially struggling readers who may be tired of adults telling them how good Newbery books are.

Fowl Language is very funny. Here is a sample of the funny

Their mother stopped typing on the computer. Did you have a good day?
"No," Lisa said Our teacher Mrs. Crabpit smelled horrible. Even for her. I had to keep tissues stuffed up my nostrils. "How sweet," their mother said as she stared at the computer screen.

Nate rode in the back of the school bus. His friend Michael sat across the aisle from him and tutored him the art of the fake farts.

"Who are you calling gross girlie? What's gross is this sweaty underwear your brother Dave dumped me on." The voice seemed to be coming from the chicken, which was in fact lying on a pair of smelly underwear.

Fowl language is a fun silly read. Great for fans of the Captain Underpants and My Weird School series.

Since I am talking about a fun silly chapter book I want to say one thing. I hate when parents refuse to get a child one of these books because they look too silly. The kids face falls so quickly, I can almost see them close down. I feel so bad, it breaks my booklover's heart. No matter a readers age, I always believe in a reading balance. Reading the light stuff helps you appreciate the heavier books, vice versa. Sometimes light books are gateway books. How can a parent expect a child to be open to their reading suggestions when they flat out refuse and maybe even badmouth a book the child showed an interest in, reading is reading.

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