Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Casanova Bus Driver

Reading Trading Dreams at Midnight by Diane Mckinney Whetstone I didn't think I could love this author any more then I already did but she proved me wrong with this novel

Anyhow I am on the bus, with the Casanova bus driver who flirts with the passengers. I just roll my eyes when I get on the bus and think oh him again. I have nothing to fear, the bus driver is white and he only tries to pick up white women.
The first time I saw the Casanova bus driver he was talking to a woman, sitting in the back of the bus. It was quite sad actually. I was thinking MF she sat in the back for a reason and she had a book. The lady was trying to be nice but you could tell she wanted to be left alone. But you can't diss the bus driver because they can accidentally on purpose not stop the next time they see you.
Today Casanova bus driver asked a women why she wasn't smiling. Its 2008 why the hell are men still saying that shit. Men should be fined for telling women to smile, or saying see you're prettier when you smile, or smile its a great day, or any sleazy opening line that involves smiling. Casanova bus driver is over 50, so his fine should be doubled. Men should not be allowed to use the same cliched lines they used 20 years ago, which obviously didn't work.
Then Casanova bus driver ask the poor lady how long she's been in Atlanta. Poor lady turned into lucky lady because another white women got on at the next stop and Casanova bus driver started talking to her.

I told one of my co workers about Casanova bus driver, asking poor lady about why she wasn't smiling.
My coworkers deadpan instant response "because I am riding the bus"

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