Thursday, January 13, 2011

Words in the Dust - Trent Reedy

Words in the Dust by Trent Reedy
13yr old Zulaikha is a young Afgahnistan girl, she was born with a cleft lip. Zulaikha stepmother treats her poorly. Many boys bully and tease Zulaikha calling her Donkey face. When the American Army comes to An Daral, Zulaikha's small village she might be able to have lip surgery.

Zulaikha is close to her older sister, Zeynab. As the two daughters of the house, they have a lot of responsiblites, including looking after their younger brothers Khalid and Habib's.

Zulaikha's father and older brother Najib are helping to build a new school. Girls aren't allowed to go school. Zulaikha still remembers the letters her mother taught her and wants an education.

I really liked this novel. I got a good sense of Zulaikha and her village. Since Reedy served in the U.S. Army I assumed, the Army would play large part in the story. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the story stayed focused on Zulaikha and her family.

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While I was reading Words in the Dust, I couldn't help but think about Wanting Mor by Ruksana Khan. The main character is also an Afghani girl with a cleft lip. I think the two pair nicely together.


Words in the Dust said...

"Words in the Dust is an excellent novel for both children and adults. I was happy to find that there is now a Facebook Fan Page and a great new video trailer for the book. I hope they make a movie out of this one!

Beth said...

I read Wanting Mor at the start of last year, so I like your suggestion that these work well together. I'll put this on my tbr shelf.