Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 2011 Award Predictions (Vegas is Missing Out) Updated W/ Link to Winners

If you are reading this now. All the winners have been announced and I pretty much suck at making predictions. Someone won't me going to Vegas anytime soon and that person is me.

Check out all the 2011 Winners

I am stunned and very disappointed that They Called Themselves the kkk, was not honored at all.

I can't believe I forget about Bryan Collier's beautiful illus. for Dave the Potter. (duhhh)

I thought I couldn't do worse than last year when I only guessed one Printz correctly. This year I got zero right. Second year my favorite to win, didn't even honor.

I was happy that new author Duncan Tonatiuh won an illus. honor for his debut Dear Primo I reviewed it early in the year and loved the illustrations. Tonatiuh was kind enough to answer a question about his artistic style

On Monday Jan. 10, the ALA announce Youth Media awards Below are my predictions on what I think/want to win.

The Belpre Award
Narrative Winner - The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan
Honors- Sun Tortilla by Jennifer Cervantes Red Umbrella by Christina Gonzalez, Floating on Mama's Song by Laura Lacamara, The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton Perez by Rene Colato Lainez., Side by Side - Monica Brown

I am pretty sure I have listed too many honors, but I can't bring myself to remove one. Here's a quick confession, I couldn't get into the Dreamer. I tried to read it twice. I have it as my winner because so many people loved it.

Illustration Winner - Chavela and the Magic Bubble illus by Magaly Morales
Honor - Mr Mendoza's Paintbursh illus. Christopher Cardinale , Me Frida illus. by David Diaz, Floating on Mama's Song by Yuyi Morales

Chavela and the Magic Bubble came out in March 2010, yet mines is still the only amazon review. What's up with that?

Caldecott Medal -
Art&Max by David Wiesner
The Boy in the Garden by Allen Say

Wiesner and Say are always good guesses. Visually both of these books are amazing. Though overall I am pretty clueless this year when it comes to the caldecott.

Coretta Scott King Award
Author Winner - One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams Garcia
Honors - Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Ruth and the Green Book by Calvin Alexander Ramsey, Finding Family by Tonya Bolden

Illustrator award winner - A Place Where Hurricanes Happen illus by Shadra Strickland
Illustrator honors - Skit-Scat Raggedy Cat - illus. by Sean Qualls and Sit In - illus by Brian Pinkney

I loved Ruth and the Green book by Ramsey illus by Floyd Cooper. I think both author and artist deserve a medal for it. Though looking back on past winners, I have not seen a book that's gotten both the author and illustrator award. I went with Ramsey since the story was new and well told.

Sit In by Andrea Pinkney illus. by Brian Pinkney could've gone either way as well.

John Steptoe New Talent Author Award - 8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday -Perkovich.

I am still not sure about this one. At first I was going to go with Good Fortune by Noni Carter, which I really liked. It was a wonderful debut. But there are many YA novels about slavery. However I would like to see an author recognized for a great debut of a different experience. Plus Reggie rocked those Dora Explorer shoes.

Newbery Award
Winner - One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams Garcia
Honors - Countdown by Deborah Wiles, Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schiltz, Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes

The only thing I think I know for sure, its going to be one or the other - Rita Williams Garcia or Jewell Parker Rhodes. The chances are very slim that one will win and the other honor or both honor.

Yet, I can't help but have both on my list.

I've heard some people say Countdown can't win because of the photographs. But I don't think
the text is dependent on the photographs.

Night Fairy - Is simply beautiful.

Sleepers (coming out of nowhere to honor) -
How I Nicky Flynn Finally Got a Life and a Dog by Art Corriveau,
Boneshaker by Kate Milford,
My Havana by Rosemary Wells

Corriveau's novel is really well done. I think having so many novels with female protagonist in the running will work in its favor. The same goes for My Havana, since that also features a male protagonist. Earlier in the year I wasn't sure about Boneshaker but now I think has a very good chance of coming out of nowhere to honor.

Printz Award
Winner - Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
Honors - Compromised by Heidi Ayarbe, A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner, Split by Swati Avasthi, Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John

Sleepers - Heist Society by Ally Carter, Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld, When the Stars go Blue by Caridad Ferrer

The only thing I know for sure - If Finnikin of the Rock doesn't at least honor, I will be very very surprised. That book is so freakin good. The rest I have no idea but I do feel good about my choices.

Below are awards I am guessing for the first time.

Alex Awards
The Alex Awards are given to ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults, ages 12 through 18. The winning titles are selected from the previous year's publishing. The Alex Awards were first given annually beginning in 1998 and became an official ALA award in 2002.

Winners - The Lock Up Artist by Steve Hamiliton, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi Durrow, Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor, Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self by Danielle Evans, True Spirit by Jessica Watson, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok , Vida by Patricia Engel, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin, Diamond Ruby by Joseph Wallace

Check out this interview I did with Danielle Evans at Color Online. Evans answers are so good.

I decided to include the Alex Award in my predictions since I am familiar with a lot of books with YA crossover appeal. So if like last year I only get one Printz correct, this can make my average look better.

I've included the Schneider and Sibert Award for the same reason.

Schneider Award
The Schneider Family Book Award is a new addition to the American Library Association’s Media Youth Awards. The award is donated by Dr. Katherine Schneider, and honors an author or illustrator for a book that embodies an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences. Three annual awards are presented for the best Teen, Middle School and Children’s Book. The American Library Association administers the Awards, and each recipient receives $5000 and a framed plaque. Winners are announced at the ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John
Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper
My Brother Charlie by Holly Robinson Peete

Sibert Award
The Sibert Award honors the most distinguished informational book published in English in the preceding year for its significant contribution to children’s literature.

Winner - They Called Themselves the kkk by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Honors- Sugar Changed the World by Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos, Ballet for Martha by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan and The War to End All Wars by Russell Freedom

Vegas is seriously missing out. Some good money could be made if people where allowed to bet on these awards. The house would always have the advantage.


Swati said...
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Swati said...

From your fingertips to God's inbox. Thank you. I'm honored that Split made your list

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Where's the William C. Morris award?!!! Just kidding, I guess you did enough work in this post! (But I totally loved Crossing the Tracks). I read The Lockup Artist. It's kind of interesting because the author is totally an adult author and then he wrote this coming-of-age story which doesn't *exactly* seem like a YA book. But who knows how to draw that line exactly anyway?

MissA said...

I didn't know about the Alex Awards, they sound very cool! I would definitely read some of the books that receive a honor from them. And of course you reminded me that I still haven't read Girl in Translaton but at least I'm getting the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms! And I've added Vida to my list. I have to stop adding books, for real. haha

I forgot to post my predictions for the Belpre award :( But I agree with your choices. The Dreamer will most assuredly win but Tortiall Sun and the Red Umbrella will be honored. I would LOVE if When the Stars Go Blue received the Belpre or the Printz. or both.

See the cynic in me thinks Good Fortune is exactly what the CSK comitte is looking for. Historical fiction, check. cute story about the young, Black author? check.

Doret said...

Swati - Whatever happens, Split was a great novel.

Jill - I did consider doing the Morris Award

Ari - I saw that you won Hundred Thousand Kingdom @ WRMBA. That's one book that will live up to the hype.

Antony John said...

Wow - I made TWO of your lists. This is awesome! I like your lists a lot.

Now I just need you to perform a Jedi Mind Trick on the ALA voters, 'kay?

MotherReader said...

For Caldecott, I'm thinking Chalk, by Bill Thompson. I thought it was visually amazing and tells a great story. I think Flora's Very Windy Day and A Sick Day for Amos McGee have a good chance of making the list too.

I'd add Keeper to the Newbery possibilities. The writing was magical.

I could see Ruth and the Green book definitely in author, but I don't know if they'd award the illustrator as well. Floyd Cooper also illustrated - and quite well - another book, A Beach Tail. It's possible that may creep in the list. I hope so. It's a Cybils shortlist book and I really like it personally.

Don't have anything to add in any YA, nonfiction reading. But I'm looking forward to the results on Monday.

Joe Wallace said...

Thank you so much for predicting my novel Diamond Ruby as an Alex Award winner! I still prize your wonderful review of the novel when it first came out. --Joe

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Great post here! I appreciate your insight & good taste. I am sad to see that I have read so few of these great books. Next year I am going to try to do better & read all of these!!

Doret said...

Antony - Maybe Hendrix and Cobain are pulling a few ethereal strings for, you never know.

Motherreader - I totally forgot about Flora's Windy Day, it is a beautiful book.

Everyday I go work and say I am finally going to read A Sick Day for Amos Mcgee and City Dog Country Dog but then it gets busy and I forget.

How could I not rememeber Beach Tail. Your right it could easily get a CSK.

Joe - I got a lot of great feedback from customers I recommended it to. Adults and teens

Hopefully Diamond Ruby will be able to reach a wider audience very soon, like by Monday afternoon.

Andromeda -Thanks and I am sure you've read many books this year that I would love to get my hands on.

Kate Milford said...

I second what Swati said. You made my morning. Thank you!

Doret said...

Kate - Thank you for Boneshaker, a beautifully original story.

Jean Kwok said...

Thanks so much for including GIRL IN TRANSLATION on your list of predicted winners. Whether the novel wins or not, I appreciate the vote of confidence very much and have linked to this on my Facebook Fan Page:

Jean Kwok

Anonymous said...

What wonderful titles! Thank you so much for mentioning Tortilla Sun among such talented writers--I am honored! :)


Trisha said...

I kind of feel about Finnikin the way I did about Marcelo in the Real World last year. (Except I like Marcelo more.) That is, it's so on the radar and such an obvious choice to win or get an honor that, Printz history being what it is, it won't win or get an honor.

I'm nowhere near as well-read as you when it comes to the Pura Belpre and CSK, so I'm not qualified to even hazard a guess. But I did read 8th Grade Superzero this afternoon, and enjoyed it, so I'd be please if it won something. Don't know if it will, but Cheryl Klein has got a pretty good track record when it comes to editing YMA winners and honors. Well, except for Marcelo's Printz snub last year. And I'll leave the Caldecott and Newbery to SLJ's bloggers to predict.

As far as the Alex, they like non-fiction, so I wouldn't be surprised by Packing for Mars by Mary Roach and The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore. I haven't read either book (or any of the books you listed), but they seem very Alex Award-like to me.

Anonymous said...

What about The Kneebone Boy? I've heard a lot of talk about that one being a potential winner, but I haven't read it yet. Good list!

Doret said...

Jean - You won't remember but when you stopped in quickly to sign stock you were very nice. Thank you, booksellers love that. And you made Girl in Translation sound very good and it was.

Jen - Whatever happens there's a lot of beauty in Sun Tortilla,

Trisha - Noooooooo the committee can not snub Finnikin. I am still not happy about Marcelo got passed over. But I am worried about Finnikin

I totally forgot about The Other Wes Moore and Packing for Mars.

I've read all of my Alex picks except True Spirit the story of the 16 yr old who sailed around the world but it sounded very Alex like.

TeacherBee - I didn't get a chance to read Kneebone Boy, but it is on a lot of list, so it is in the running.

Jean Kwok said...

Doret, so nice to hear that we've actually met! Which bookstore are you in? I bet I would remember... Anyway, GIRL IN TRANSLATION did win an Alex Award so you were completely right and thank you for being such a great friend to my book! I'm touring again for the paperback release again in May so I hope to see you again.

Jean Kwok

Doret said...

Jean, Congratuations. It was a well deserved.

If you want to do the do an Women Writers of Color interview

for the paperback release in Girl in Translation.

email me.

And if one of Jean's fans reads this please pass this on. Thanks.

shadrieka said...

Thanks Doret for championing HURRICANES! It means a lot that you connected so much with the book.

Doret said...

Shadra - I am always happy to get behind books I love.

Jean Kwok said...

Doret, thanks for the invite! Would love to do the interview and tried to send you an email via the other website. If that didn't work, pls. send me a message via my personal FB page:


Pragmatic Mom said...

Nice picks! Clearly, you know your stuff. Maybe you should be a judge next year!!