Monday, January 3, 2011

Come See the Earth Turn - Lori Mortensen, Raul Allen

Come See The Earth Turn by Lori Mortensen illus. by Raul Allen
This is the story of Leon Foucault, a French scientist. He invented the pendulum that proved the earth turned on its axis. Mortensen gives the reader a wonderful sense of Foucault.

"Then Leon discovered that he had a talent for building things. First he made a model boat,
and then an optical telegraph just like the one on top of the neighboring Saint Sulpice Church. Even though Leon's slowpoke ways got him in trouble at school, working slowly and precisely at home allowed him to make things exactly the way he wanted them to be.

Allen's gorgeous illustrations match the text perfectly adding a lovely dimension to this biography.

As far as I know this is the first children's biography on Leon Foucault and its a very good one. In the back there is a one page author's note on Foucault and a glossary.

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