Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sequins, Secrets, And Silver Linings by Sophia Bennett

Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings by Sophia Bennett
When I saw this cover, I wanted to read this book,it looked like so much fun. (yes I liked a pink cover. Don't judge me) Meg Cabot has a blurb on the book. (top left near the sneaker) Which seemed fitting because I thought it be something along the lines of Cabot's genre. Lucky me, I was right. I have really missed reading books like this, and Sequins, Secrets and Silver Linings was very good. Being set in London was an added bonus.

Three best friends Nonie, Edie and Jenny are doing very different things. Jenny starred in her her first movie, with Hollywood's sexist couple. Edie is always looking for a good cause to support. Nonie loves fashion and dreams of one day carry a famous person's coffee.

Nonie and Edie are doing their best to support Jenny, her movie is about to premiere. Edie is tutoring 11 yr old Crow a young Ugandan girl who is living with her aunt. Crow loves fashion as much as Nonie. Edie doesn't speak fashion, but she uses this connection to help Crow with her reading. Very early on its clear Crow has a great eye and was born to design. The friends do what they can to help make that happen.

Nonie is the narrator of this novel. (the first of three) I loved her voice. It was well drawn out and real, she does an excellent job of hold everything together. As the novel progressed Nonie grew, the same is true for Edie and Jenny.
Bennett's writing was smooth, fun and funny, with great dialogue. I will admit to getting a little choked up at the end. Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings is deceptively more layered then it looks. Everything fits seamlessly into the story. This is a must read for any readers of young adult who love fashion. Ages 11 up

I finished this book in one afternoon. It was such a pleasure to read. Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings* was originally in the UK and called Threads. Thank you so much to Chicken House, a Scholastic Imprint for making this series available in the U.S.

Read an excerpt

*I loved this book enough to give just a little more and a quick thank you. If your reading this fine print, that means you really want to check out the excerpt. Enjoy


Joy Weese Moll said...

Oh, this looks like fun! It would please my inner 12-year old and she could use a boost!

Doret said...

Joy it's so much fun