Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Weekly Feature, Hanukkah, Interviews

In September I finally started a weekly feature. Listing new releases with kids of color on Tuesday. Normally, I would be doing this now but since its getting close to the end of the year, there just aren't as many. I am too tired to look for more titles. It is the holiday season after all. Speaking of holidays.

Hanukkah begins December 1st* (Wednesday) this year.

Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword by Barry Deutsch would make a great Hanukkah gift. I loved this graphic novel. I still think. " Just another troll fighting 11 yr old Orthodox Jewish Girl" is one of the best book tag lines of the year. An excerpt via the author's site

If you visit here on a regular or semi regular basis you might notice that I like interviews. Since its the holiday season, I've decided to mention some of my favorites of the year.

Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey - my interview . I loved Guardian of the Dead. Its one of my favorite YA reads of 2010. I loved how the interview turned out. I remembered to ask everything I wanted to ask. Kirkus selected Guardian of the Dead as a best of YA sci/fi fantasy book of 2010

I loved One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams Garcia. Its one of my favorite middle grade reads of 2010. Back in June, author Zetta Elliott did a three part interview with Williams-Garcia and it was simply WOW. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, One Crazy Summer is a 2010 National Book Award Finalist

The final one is a little more recent. Charlotte interviewed author Robin Mckinley in November about her lastest YA release Pegasus. I love this interview because Mckinley is a well established author who could've easily phoned in, blah answer but didn't. Kirkus selected Pegasus as a best of YA sci/fi fantasy book of 2010

From Zetta and Charlotte's I learned that sometimes its okay to shut up and simply let an author answer. No extra comments necessary.

If you have any favorite 2010 interviews leave the link in the comment box. I'll probably be doing this again next Tuesday.

*December 1st is also the last day to enter author Cindy Pon's Fury of the Phoenix arc contest


Charlotte said...

My forthcoming new sff post is going to be rather skimpy too...that time of year.

I keep reading these reminders about Mirka, which I still haven't read--must fix that....

and thanks for including my Pegasus interview--I agree that Robin gave great answers.

Doret said...

Charlotte - Hereville is great.
And you gave Mckinley a lot of nice questions to work with.