Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Boy in the Garden by Allen Say

The Boy in the Garden by Allen Say
Jiro and his father, go visit Mr. Ozu to wish a Happy New Year. While the adults talk, Jiro walks through the garden. Jiro soon finds a bronze crane.

When Jiro spots it, he thinks of the story his mother reads to him, The Grateful Crane.

Say opens the novel with "The story that mama read to Jiro - The Grateful Crane."
The reader can easily understand Jiro's playfulness with the crane. Jiro soon finds himself as the main character in his favorite story. Say's beautiful (as always) illustrations will captivate everyone.

The Boy in the Garden is a wonderful story about imagination. Say is one of my favorite author/illustrators. Once again, he has created a gorgeous story, textually and visually.

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Although this is a contemporary re-telling of a traditional Japanese folktale, Jiro could be any curious yet well-meaning boy anywhere in the world. Allen Say's books are nuanced, eloquent and always respectful of every character. The subtle, surprise twist of the ending leaves inquiring minds (of all ages) wondering, just a bit. Thank you.