Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Cybils Inspired Poem

I am reading a lot of nonfiction picture books (NFPB) recently for Cybils. So enjoy a Cybils inspired poem.

The End is not the End

Nonfiction picture books
Strewn about my place
All in the name of
Children's and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards
Known to most as
The Cybils
I am a
NFPB First Round Panelist

An honor, I take seriously
Reading and scrutinizing 2010 NFPB
With a new found eye
Beginning with the positive
Jotting down "What I liked"
Before anything else

After a story concludes
And the 5 W's ,
Who, What, When, Where, Why,
And the lone H
Are answered
I am still at it

Even though my writing is
more illegible with each new pen stroke
(too much keyboard time )
I continue scribbling away
My thoughts
On this and that
The end is not the end

Authors must
Follow -Through
Stick It
Afterword included
Like an Olympic judge
I will deduct points

When a timeline
even an author's note
Is not to be found
I am shaking my head
No, No, No,
Why, Why, Why,


Unknown said...

Great poem! It does a great job of capturing the Cybils experience!

Doret said...

Thanks Sheila