Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When the Stars go Blue - Caridad Ferrer

When The Stars Go Blue by Caridad Ferrer
18 yr old Soledad has just graduated from a performing arts High School in Miami. She studied dance her entire life. Soledad was going to spend the saving up money to move to NYC. Soledad impulsively changes her plans when, Jonathan, another recent graduate offers up a new dance challenge and his heart.

Jonathan is a trumpet player and a member of the Florida Raiders drum and bugle crops. During the summer they compete against other drum crops. This year the all male team will be doing Carmen. After Jonathan convinces Soledad to audition the part is hers.

This book was so good. I loved Soledad. She wasn't humble about her dancing talent nor was she conceited. She simply owned it and would not allow any one to tell her otherwise.

"As I walked the length of the bleachers and out onto the floor eyeballing the dimensions and staking out a good starting spot, I heard, "What do you want to bet she'll be kiss-ass predictable and do something from Carmen? said fairly quiet, but not that quiet. My gut clenched some but otherwise? Bitch please. I met the offender's gaze head on and smiled that smile I'd learned from Mamacita - the serene,
"come too close and I'll cut you" smile. "

Soledad and Jonathan's relationship comes about fairly quickly, its very believable in its intensity. After the first few fair competitions the Raiders kept running into the same 20 and under all star soccer team from Spain. Soledad catches the eye of Taz, one of the best soccer players. Soledad knows her heart belongs to Jonathan but he just can't see that.

When the Stars go Blue is keep turning the pages good. Part of that comes with the beautiful balance. This is one of the best YA romances I've ever read, yet the author doesn't forget drum crop competition. I could see the Raiders on field with all eyes on Soledad. It was very nice to see Soledad embrace her Cuban curves.

Soledad, Jonathan, and Taz were all very good at what they do. One of the many things I liked, all three had keep practicing to continue to be the best.

This novel has one of the best middle of the book "WOW" didn't see that coming moments I've read in a long time. Ferrer totally crushed it. What made it even better, I was already very much into the story.

This modern retelling of Carmen is a must read for all artistically inclined people. And those who are simply smart enough to appreciate the beautiful art when they see it. An excerpt

On Tuesday Dec. 7, Caridad Ferrer will be signing at Third Place Books in Seattle. @ 7pm. An autographed book would make an excellent holiday gift. A little S&H is nothing when it comes to a well thought out personalized gift. 206-366- 3333

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