Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scrawl - Mark Shulman

Scrawl by Mark Shulman
Tod Munn is a school bully. After, he and three friends are caught doing something which could've landed him in juvie hall, Tod is given daily after school detention. He must keep a journal, the only other person in the room is Mrs. Woodrow, the guidance counselor.

Tod's voice is very realistic and funny.

"With lifetime penmanship detention, I don't have to come home and give my mom's husband new reasons why I still haven't gotten an after-school job. It wouldn't matter. It's not like they're suddenly going to cut off my supply of macaroni and chese and instant mashed."

I have Elizabeth Blumele to thank for putting Scrawl on my radar. I loved Tod Munn. He's one of my favorite male protagonist of 2010.

I didn't do this book justice. So please check out the excerpt


Anonymous said...

Scrawl looked intriguing when I pulled it out of the JLG box. It's on my list to read, but I have so many "have to" reads right now, my "want to" reads have to be patient.


YesWeHomeschooled said...

Never heard of the book before but definitely sounds interesting. Adding it to my list today

Beth Miller said...

I am a bookseller myself and I have been handselling Scrawl all season. Teen boys, and girls too who are looking for a funny, honest and realistic book. Parents are especially glad to have a protagonist who doesn't fly or drink blood. And it's an excellent read for adults, too. No texting lingo or passe' references. The character of Tod Munn is smart and, believe it or not, this smart-mouth punk has a moral center that comes through and leads by example. Oh, by all means, get your hands (and a teen's hands) on this book. Receommended for fifth grade and up.

Jodie said...

I didn't know this was YA, thought it was adult fic. Very excited to hear something from a guy who might not be the nicest kid.