Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Museum of Thieves - Lian Tanner

Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner
Goldie lives in the city of Jewel. The city has lived through disastrous times and now the people live in fear of everything. For their protection kids are raised and chained to a Blessed Guardian until they are 12 yrs old.

When the book opens 12 yr old Goldie is being punished on Separation Day. Goldie has spent much of her time with The Blessed Guardians in trouble, the last day is no different. Many of the kids are excited about separation day but they worry about everything from colds to kidnappers. Goldie only wants to be free.

Separation Day is canceled after Fugleman, leader of the Blessed Guardian gives word that there was an explosion. Goldie couldn't take it anymore and dared to escape. Goldie finds shelter at Dunt, an old museum with many secrets and hidden doors.

The museum is home to four keepers who disagree with the power of the Blessed Guaridans and are dedicated to doing what's best for the city. One is a boy named Toadspit. Everyone at the museum teaches Goldie, not to be scared of everything and how to fight the Guardians.

This was a great page turner. I found myself holding my breath for Goldie. Even more so, because its visually well done.

"As they crept from wagon to wagon, Goldie's skin itched with the knowledge that the sentries might return at any moment. She tried to tell herself that this was a war from hundreds of years ago, that it was over and done with, that surely it could not hurt her. But the camp around her was as real as anything she had ever seen. Flies settled on her face and arms. her feet kicked up little clumps of mud. High above her, the slaughterbirds wove a dance of death."

There were moments when the message of , the need for freedom and living should not be sacrificed for fear was a little heavy handed. Though I liked Goldie so much I was more then willing to focus on what worked, which was a lot.

The author created a great bad guy in Fugleman. One of the books many strengths are the developed secondary characters. I am really looking forward to seeing where Tanner takes this series.

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