Friday, December 24, 2010

La Maza - Silvio Rodriguez

I live in a predominately Spanish speaking neighborhood. Sometimes when I miss the city bus, I ride the $1 van which cost a $1.50 to the train. The last time I rode the van, the driver played a song and I just had to know what it was. Its was crazy beautiful. I felt it was moved by it. I was not getting off until I found out who was singing.

The song was La Maza by Silvio Rodriquez, who is considered the best known Cuban Folk singer.* This is an amazing performance, everyones insync. From Rodriquez voice, to the guitars, percussion and Nirkua Gonazalez on flute. Gonazelez, crushes a solo about 3 minutes in. I have much respect for any flutist that can work it like that, that takes some serious breath control.

* I am going to do a quick book tie in. I recently read a great new picture book on Odetta Holmes called " Odetta :The Queen of Folk" by Stephen Alcorn. Odetta influenced many artist including Bob Dylan.

Will review The Queen of Folk after the holidays. Until then Feliz Navidad

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