Monday, September 13, 2010

Ready, Set... Wait! - Patti R. Zelch - Connie McLennan

Ready, Set... Wait! by Patti R. Zelch illus by Connie McLennan
Zelch answers the question to What Animals Do Before a Hurricane?

This was a great, easy to follow, and very informative look at what some animals do with a hurricane on its way. Three of the animals included, crocodiles, manatees and butterflies. I love Zelch's straight forward text.

"Crocodiles may crawl to open water or into deep canal and rivers that crisscross the land. Concealed below the water's surface - they wait!"

McLennan's illustrations are wonderful and fit perfectly. The author inculdes some more facts in the back.

Including - What is a Hurricane? and When Hurricane season is? There's a world map and graphs to rely some very useful information. Ages 5 up.

An excerpt For Creative Minds or the additional facts can be found at Sylvan Dell publishing site in English and in Spanish

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