Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calvin Coconut - Graham Salisbury- Jacqueline Rogers

Calvin Coconut: Dog Heaven by Graham Salisbury illus by Jacqueline Rogers
This is the third Calvin Coconut book. This is a great early chapter series that features a diverse cast of characters. Calvin lives in Hawaii with his mother and younger sister Darci. Stella, the teenage daughter of his mother's best friend is staying with them.

At school Calvin's class is given an assignment to write a persuasive letter. Calvin decides to write about wanting a dog. With the help of his mother's boyfriend, Ledward, Calvin eventually gets the dog he really wants.

This works well as stand alone. Though it's best read in order, since Salisbury does a great job of developing the characters and their relationships.

Jacqueline Rogers illustrations are great. I especially like the ones with Stella and Calvin. Rogers also show off Calvin's active imagination.

An excerpt from the first book. Just in case book four, Calvin Coconut: Zoo Breath is already out

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