Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dragonbreath: Curse of the Were-Wiener

Dragonbreath: Curse of the Were-Wiener by Urusla Vernon
When, I saw Curse of the Were-Wiener on the new release cart the other day I squealed with happiness. I love this series.

Danny and Wendell's school served a bad batch of Were Wieners. Danny's hot dog bites Wendell. The two only have a day and half to track down and kill the pack leader to save Wendell and the other students.

"This is useless! Danny wanted to yell as Mr. Snaug droned on about something - the stratosphere or adding factions or something. Don't you see the class has lycanthro - lycatrop- lyka- werewolfism!? The only thing that kept him from leaping onto his chair and shouting that out loud - other than the fact that he couldn't pronounce the word, even inside his head- was that if he did, he'd probably get after-school detention. And tonight of all nights, he couldn't afford to be late, or have his mom get wind of any trouble. She'd agreed to let him spend the night at Wendell's , but if he came home with notes about yelling gibberish in class, she might reconsider. "

Like the first two , the friendship chemistry and dialogue between Danny and Wendell are very good. Though this time Danny and Wendell are on their own. Before I started, I thought it was a given that Danny and Wendell would get on the bus to visit one of Danny's many relatives.

When this didn't happen, I thought to myself, "What!, look at Vernon keeping me on my reading toes." I would've been more than happy with keeping things the same but Vernon decided different and it worked just as well.

Curse of the Were-Wiener is a little more scary and creepy then the first two. Though not too much, just enough to make it that more fun to read and maybe causing a few arm hairs stand up. Dragonbreath is a great suggestion for Diary of the Wimpy Kid fans, since its very funny and part graphic novel as well. The series can be read out of order, however, I highly recommend starting from the beginning.

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Charlotte said...

I'm so looking forward to this one! I'm glad it's good.