Monday, September 27, 2010

Doodlebug - Karen Romano Young

Doodlebug: A novel in Doodles by Karen Romano Young
Doreen's family, (parents and Momo, younger sister) are moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. On the drive there Doreen discovers that she loves to doodle, it also calm her down so she can focus. At her old school Doreen was diagnosed with ADD and put on Ritalin. Doreen got in trouble at her old school, she didn't like being on Ritalin. With her journal and pens Doreen doesn't need it any more.

Before the move Doreen went by Dodo. When they make it to their home she's Doodle. The author did a wonderful job with Doreen's voice. I loved it. Doreen is a smart girl, that worries a mistake she made will follow her to another city. The younger sister, Momo has a storyline of her own. The parents are actively involved, encouraging and supporting their daughters. I loved Doodlebug. Its entertaining, creative, serious and funny.

A few reviews (including a starred Kirkus review) via the author's site
Also like most graphic novels, Doodlebug is something you have to see for yourself to get the full effect. So do check out these samples pages from the author's site
Finally check out the author's youtube tutorial on doodling

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