Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's A Book - Lane Smith

It's a Book by Lane Smith
Since its Saturday and a holiday weekend, I wanted to review something fun. I always look forward to a new picture book by Lane Smith. They always make me laugh out loud.

It's a Book stars a mouse, a jackass and a monkey. The monkey is reading an actual book. The jackass doesn't get it. He keeps asking what else the book can do. - Text, Tweet, Wi Fi.

It's a Book is classic Lane Smith humor. I love the illustrations. A monkey with a big head wearing a hat is just plain funny.

I love It's a Book but I think its geared more towards adults. Especially with the last line. *
At work when I have a chance I am going to put It's a Book on staff picks. I can definitely see customers doing a double take and stopping to look at Smith's newest release. It would make a great gifts for adults.

*I decided not to share the last line, because I feel its out of context without the previous line, the lines before that and no illustrations. If you're itching to know what it is go to your local book source and read it. And don't just turn to the last page, read the entire book. Better yet buy it. Its only $12.99


Mardel said...

We have some of Lane Smith's books in our library - and a couple that Lane Smith and John Sciezska teamed up on - a great combination. I'm putting this on our Library wishlist.

Doret said...

Mardel - You'll like this one. And Smith and Sciezska together is always a very good thing.