Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There's my pen

So with my cable and television out for a few days, I picked up a story I was working on. It had been so long since I looked at it I didn't even recognize it and I almost wanted to apologize to it. For the first few days I was afraid to touch it and make any changes. I am not worried it won't be good, I worried I won't finish it. I am worried I won't live up to what it should be. I have two old rough drafts that I look back at every so often but it looks so much different now. I've never taken a writing class, I try not to dwell on this fact or the what ifs. I will simply try to focus on what I have. When I am working on my WIP I remind myself of three things - 1) its okay to keep typing, even if it sounds like the silliest thing in the world keep typing because in all of that nonsense I may find one word or if I am lucky a sentence or two I can use. -2) Its okay to delete, I try not to get to attach if its not working I must let it go. 3) It's okay not to delete- I try not to delete too early, sometimes writing is like a puzzle and if I wait long enough maybe that word or phase I was going to delete will begin to fit.

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teacherninja said...

Great attitude toward the work.